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Quick and easy online giving through PayPal.

You don't need a PayPal account to give, and if you do have an account, that's

awesome! Giving through PayPal is the easiest and fastest way to give. It's also one

of safest ways you can give. PayPal is a leader in online payment, and always makes

sure all transactions are safe and that you are protected.

You can also set up your giving to "recurring"(only available monthly) by checking the check box next to the amount

box. Try it now!



During Sunday Service - Drop it in the basket

AlAll of our experiences include an offering time, so if you're not the type that likes to do business on-line, no worries. Please ask a host to provide you with a Tithing/Offering envelope.  If you're gift includes both a tithe and offering that you are place all in one envelope, be sure to designate what portion of your gift is for tithes and which portion should be applied toward offering. If you would like to make your donation via check. Please make checks payable to: New Season Christian Center.


If you're mailing your gift, please mail to:

New Season Christian Center

788 Southern Boulevard

Bronx, NY 10455


Online banking (for both one-time and recurring donations, we use Bill Pay)

Most financial institutes offer online banking, allowing you to set up either one-time or recurring donations. Contact your favorite bank to learn more about this option.


ACH Deposit (for both one-time and recurring donations)

If you consistently (and unintentionally) leave your checkbook or wallet at home as you run out of the door for church, you're a great candidate for automatic bank withdrawals. You may elect to have your donation, tithe, and/or offering debited weekly, bi-weekly/semi-monthly, or monthly. Please fill out an ACH form, and attach a voided check to your completed form. You can either bring it into the church office or juect simply drop it in the offering basket (inside your tithe/offering envelope) on Sunday.


Chase Person-to-Person Quickpay (www.chase.com/online-banking/quickpay)

By registering and creating an account at the above mentioned website (you do NOT have to bank with Chase) you can automatically transfer funds on your own time and convenience using our email address: finances@newseasonchurch.cc (or copy & paste). If interested in this option, please contact the Finance Team.


If you feel like you simply don't have enough margin to give, you're not alone. Most people struggle with tithing for various reasons. One common is the fear of not having enough or not being able to keep up with the bills. However, if you feel that the only way you can give is by going into debt, we have a suggestion. Spend some quality time with God, asking Him for guideance on how to rearrange your finances in ways that honor Him. Then, start somewhere, even if your gift feels small and you can't do the whole 10%. After that, commit to increasing your giving by at least one percent each year until you reach the biblical standard of 10%.




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