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Weekday Services


Besides your regular Sunday gathering, we have other Bible studying gatherings. Our Tuesday's Prayer Café and our BLT (Bible Lovers Thursday) are great gatherings that help you become more confident in your Bible knowledge and studies. Both are a bit different from each other, but both designed with YOU in mind, and can help you expand your knowledge on the Word, and are forums for open questions that you couldn't ask during a Sunday sermon. The classroom-like settings are very relaxed and informal, and give way to interaction between you (audience) and teacher (the facilitator). Find out more Prayer Café and BLT, and what to expect below.

PRAYER CAFÉ @ 7pm, Tuesdays


7pm- 8pm • Worship followed by prayer petitions and cooperate prayer

8pm- 8:30pm- •Bible Study


At Prayer Cafe, the service opens with Worship followed by prayer. We then go into our bible study which is usually 30min in length, and the topic of the night is presented and taught by the teacher for the night, and questions and class partincipation is encouraged.

BLT (Bible Lovers Thursdays) @ 7pm, Thursdays


7pm-8:30pm • In-depth Bible study


BLT is designed for those who want to get deeper into the Word, and really explore. In BLT gatherings, which are an hour and a half in length, visitors dive straight into the study at the start of the class where students will read the Word and explore in depth its content and its background, characters, and purpose. In cases, we will be examining historical, cultural, and religious settings of the texts including the intention and/or theology of the original authors.


Active participation and questions of BLT’s students are strongly encouraged. We are to read the Word and discuss our readings peeling back the layers exposing the skeleton which at times may lead us to connections in the Old Testament. All roads lead to Jesus even in the beginning.

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