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A Connection Group is a group of people

gathering in a positive and safe environment who share similar interests or life stages. It's designed to build healthy relationships with others and help coach each other through life's challenges, ups and downs, and other experiences while growing together spiritually. It's definitely a place to network and meet people.

A ministry is a department of individuals who have a passion, interest, and/or talent they'd like to use to serve in a bigger capacity. Ministries are departments that serve our church, community, and using our passions or talents to glorify God. Being in a ministry is being part of a team that is striving for the same purpose. If you feel like you don't have a talent, what are you interested in? Our ministries are into training and teaching.

What is a Ministry?
What's a Connection Group?

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Are you a partner who and looking to become involved in ministry?

Yvette, from the Ministries Department, can help you get connected to the ministry of your interest. You can speak to her in person on Sunday or Tuesday, or email her (

Baptism Team


The team explains the importance of Baptism in a "get to know more about Baptism" class, and how baptism is celebrated at New Season. Members of the Baptism Team help provide preparation for those who'd like to move forward and become baptized. Team Members also assist with scheduling and arranging baptism-related details for families before and during day of baptism.

Children's Connection/Ministry


Children's Ministry offers a variety of programs throughout the week, all catering to your child's creativity and promoting spiritual and social health. On Sundays, we offer bible based curriculum that is age appropriate for your child for each of our 3 services.  There are three age group defined classes: Nursery, Pre-K, and Grade School. Our staff is a loving and caring staff that is dedicated to helping each child to learn about the Bible, develop a relationship with Jesus, and to be a productive member of society.


On Tuesdays, during Prayer Cafe we offer art/crafts and homework help. 


Children's Ministry also has some fun events throughout the year like Graduation Celebrations, Children’s Field Day, Operation Christmas Child / Samaritan’s Purse (National Collection Week November) and a fun filled visit to the Yankee Stadium Winter Wonderland.


Connection Team


This ministry helps our guests “GET CONNECTED” with New Season.  We guide the guest through the process from “guest” to becoming a “partner.”  We organize our monthly Connection Day where guests learn about the history of our church, fellowship, enjoy good food, and take our classes on partnership. We schedule partnership chats for Connection Day attendees with one our pastors, and finally, we organize the monthly partnership ceremony.  



The New Season Christian Center Education Department seeks to assist visitors/partners (students) in their intellectual and spiritual formation by moving them toward competency in reading, interpreting, and applying the Bible integrating its teaching into their worldview and personal lives.


The Education Department seeks to equip students with the skills to improve the methods of study that will sharpen their understanding of the Bible and enable them to communicate its teaching with confidence and authority

Men's Connection


This Connection is all about engaging the men of New Season and our community in serving their families, church, and community. Here, we instill in them spiritual leadership qualities and responsibilities as well as an attitude of service. We promote a lifestyle of Christ-likeness and brotherly love through fellowship while striving to know who Jesus is. 



Looking for a way to give back and get connected in the process?  New Season's Outreach ministry has plenty of opportunities for you to not only get connected with your brothers and sisters in Christ, but to give back to your community as well. Allow God to use you in ways you never thought possible by participating  in one of our many events where we take the opportunity to bless our community. Whether it's through one of our monthly breakfasts or one of our many other outdoor events, there is always a spot available for YOU!


Volunteers, the backbone of every outreach event such as yourself, make it possible for us to do what we do. Allow God to minister to others through you. Explore leadership opportunites through serving others and be blessed in the process. You'll see how rewarding it can be when all you have to do is say yes and be willing to serve.

Youth Connection (E.D.G.E. Youth)


The purpose of the E.D.G.E. Youth Ministry is to grow youth in their knowledge of and relationship with Jesus Christ. By using sound biblical teaching principles and discipleship, the ministry seeks to excite, inspire, capture and ignite young people for Jesus Christ. It is our goal to connect with and engage young people in an appropriate way, so they understand the relevancy of God today and enable them to become tomorrow's Christian leaders.

Women's Connection


The Women’s Connection at New Season nurtures the women of our church and our community as they come to faith, Christian maturity and service through interaction with God, His Word and one another. Bible studies, programs and events will inspire your heart, enrich your life and strengthen your relationships—especially your relationship with the Lord.

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